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February 07 2018

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“Polished” Glamour Spell



To be a glamour spell that provides the caster with a polished, attractive, and glowing appearance and to help them appear to be more charismatic, confident, and powerful.


  • Your nails(preferably clean and cut)
  • Nail polish
  • [Optional] A cinnamon stick


Firstly, paint the nails of one of your hands(once the polish is on, you can incorporate the optional cinnamon stick by smoldering it over your nails before and\or during the chant). While your nails are drying, say:

May this increase my glamour
And make all who perceive me instantly enamored.
Whilst this dries,
Let it solidify
The attractiveness, charisma, and confidence inside of me.
May I be polished and powerful in my own right,
And may I always shine bright.
May this spell give me glamour pure
That glows from inside of me akin to a star.
Glamour, glamour, let it be.
Be it, let it, may it be.

Repeat the above for your other hand. Then close your eyes and imagine a glow coming from your nails, and picture it highlighting all of the best features about you, as well as bringing out all of the characteristics mentioned before in the “purpose” section. Open your eyes once you feel that the spell is complete, and enjoy!

January 02 2018

Could you please reblog this if you are a witch who isn’t Wiccan?

December 26 2017



Glamours are basically one of my favorite things to do. They can be so much fun and super useful!

💫So what is a glamour and what can it do?

Glamours are essentially illusions that a witch can cast in themself. Glamours can be use to make you more alluring, change how you appear to people, and even your aura or the energy people feel from you. They can also be used to make you invisible. Not like literally, but less noticeable which can also come very handy.

💫What are the keys to a successful glamour?

I think any successful glamour relies on three things belief, repetition, and visualization.

Let’s start with VISUALIZATION.

Visualization is a bug part of glamours. So if you find that visualization just isn’t your thing, try practicing. I promise the more you try it the better it will get. So I’ll give two examples of how visualization can be used. Let’s say that your eyes are naturally blue. You could use a glamour to actually change your eye color to a different one. However, you should probably start out with a believable color. So if you want to use a glamour to change your blue eyes to a different color, some easy colors would be green or grey. Or if you have brown eyes you could use a glamour to turn them hazel or amber color, maybe even green. The thing is though that glamours are harder to hold up with people that know you well. So if you have a best friend for many years and you’re trying to use a glamour to change your eye color, it might not work on them. But you can test you the eye color glamour with people that haven’t known you too long. Visualize your eyes turning from their color to the color you desire. See it happen. You can also do this with hair color (again be reasonable, if you have black hair, it won’t work to make your hair white). You can also visualize your aura changing. This is my favorite to do because you will notice the interactions more. So you can make a glamour to make your aura more appealing and attracting to people, even to people that can’t see them, because they will sense it. I usually do a pink and sparkly one if I want people to come and interact with me or flirt with me. Works every time. Remember visualization. So important.


When you cast a glamour, it is so so so so important to BELIEVE IN THAT GLAMOUR. Because once you don’t believe in it, or have a thought that goes against it, then it will disappear. So let’s do the eye color example again. When you are visualizing your glamour, you need to practice believing it with every part of you. That’s why it’s important if you’re doing something physical, that you pick something that will be able to make you believe. So if you have blue eyes and you want to change them to brown. It might be harder for you to believe because blue and brown are completely different. The same with hair colors. You won’t be able to make your black hair completely blonde with a glamour. It just won’t work because you won’t be able to believe it. However you can make it seem a a shade or two lighter or have a reddish or purple tint to it. But completely changing it to blonde jusy won’t work. If you want the glamour to keep going you gotta remember to not say anything that goes against it. Let’s say you’re doing one so that certain people don’t notice you. You’ve got it working so far but then you start talking to a friend about those certain people and you go “yeah they always seem to notice me and bother me.” because you said something that goes against the glamour you’ve been working to keep up, it’s now gone, and those people will now notice you. So remember, the longer you want it to keep going, the longer you need to act like it’s completely true. There can’t be any doubt in your head that the glamour is not working.

💫lastly we have REPETITION

Basically, practice makes perfect. So just keep working on it. But repetition is also something I do to really activate or refresh a glamour. Let’s say I want my glamour to make me more alluring. I’d visualize it, and work on believing it. Repetition is a way to help you believe it. The more you say something the more you believe it. I’m alluring. I’m alluring. I’m alluring. My aura is a magnet, drawing people towards me. I’m alluring. Repetition really really helps. I can’t stress that enough. It also helps to remind yourself that the glamour is going on if you’re doing it for a while as a sort of refresher. Because remember once you forget and have a thought that goes against it, then it disappears. So if I’m doing the alluring one for like an hour, I might repeat the glamour maybe at the 30 minute mark just to refresh it in case it might be losing power because I’m simply forgetting about it.

You don’t need to have ingredients to do a glamour, but they certainly don’t hurt. And you don’t need a one word spell, but they don’t hurt as well. Whatever makes you believe in the glamour, do it. If you have any more questions on glamours, please feel free to message me!

November 14 2017

Resources for Spell and Curse Breaking



Updated: July 17th, 2016




[View Post on Blog] | [Spell and Resources Lists // rebloggable]

Because if you’re going to curse, you need to know how to undo it.

November 11 2017

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Moving Forward (And backwards, left, right and upside down) With Divination

What’s up friends, It’s your local human disaster here to give you some more neato tips on how to do the thing!

Tarot, runes, oracle, we love them. They’re great, yeah? But some of us don’t know where to begin with that kind of thing. Or feel too intimidated by it. Or it just never clicks with a person. So here’s what I propose we do. 

Make our own rules! 

Yep, the concept of this seems super scary. But you’ll find out after a while that it’s some of the most fun you can have with divination. I’m not telling you that you have to sit and paint an intricate pack of cards and create an entirely new divination system and meaning for them. What I am saying is, don’t be afraid to take inspiration and guidance from stuff that seems weird. As you can see in the photo above, I have made my own set of ‘runes’ using pumpkin seeds, planetary symbols and words in my elementarium alphabet. 

Did I sit and think this out? Did I seek cosmic guidance from a nameless deity above? Nah, I just started writing things on seeds. Not being afraid to try new things; sometimes that’s enough. The beauty of doing things like this is that you can decide how to interpret things for the first time without any outside influence. It will inherently be directly connected to your thoughts, wishes and desires because well…. you made it. You can custom tailor your divination experience to you. You’re the driver in this car friend. 

Still too spooked to make your own stuff? 

Ok, so let’s take things that already exist in the world and make them our own. Make them witchy. Reach into that draw in the kitchen you throw all of the odd bits and bobs and pull out the first thing you touch. Boom. This is divination. This party candle from your birthday cake 4 years ago now has a meaning. And you can decide what it is simply from the feeling you get when you hold it. Open a book. What is the first word you see? Out of the hundreds of words on this page why did you decide to read this one first? There has to be meaning. I refuse to believe there isn’t. You’re outside having a cigarette. While you focus on the smoke, what do you think of? Can you see any shapes in it? You’re scrolling through your gallery and open a photo on your phone by a mistake. Was it really a mistake? It’s your decision.

Every object in the world contains energy and vibrates on a cellular level. When you think of it in this way, finding divinity in everything seems a little less crazy.

Say it again with me. There are no rules. No one is going to come slap the back of your hand with a ruler if pushing the food around your plate shows you what emotions you’re going to be feeling next tuesday. The tarot fairy isn’t going to swoop down and scold you if you combine the cards of 2 different decks and mess them around. Please have fun with divination. It wants to have fun with you :)

November 10 2017











With two days left in the election, I would like to remind everyone that there is a blog dedicated to cursing Donald Trump and that Monday (day before voting) and Tuesday morning (voting day) are great times to do any of them. 

Y'all are doing this wrong. I don’t want trump in the office as mush as y'all, but don’t y'all go with the rule of three? Or do you not care about the 3 times bad goes right back at ya?

My practice does not, and never has, included a rule of three. 

If I curse Trump to not get elected President and the rule of three applies then I guess I lose three campaigns for President. Oh well.

Honestly even if I did believe in that, I would still prefer to have myself suffer over having Trump elected and many more people suffer. So rule of three be damned.

Wtf kind of practice are you in that doesn’t include the rule of three??? Must be nice to cherry pick your rules…
Not a Trump supporter either, but everyone knows what goes around comes around, rule of three or not. No matter what religion/belief system you follow, it’s one of the most basic tenets. Jfc.

My belief system is self-made based on personal observations. It is a very private practice. To borrow a phrase from someone else, ‘I am a mystery cult of one.’ I suppose that you could say that I ‘cherry-pick’ my rules, or you could also phrase it that I set my own expectations. 

I feel you are painting me with a very broad brush. You assume that because I encourage and practice cursing that I do not also treat people with kindness and respect. If ‘what goes around, comes around’ then I have a mountain of good deeds awaiting me. 

But I believe first and foremost in protecting myself and the people that I love, and if that means cursing someone who poses a threat then I will. Just as I would expect anyone to curse me if I were to pose a threat to them. 

I could outline my entire practice for you and what it entails to be picked over with a fine-toothed comb but in the end it is really none of your business. Just as it is none of your business who I curse. Or how often. 

I always find it hilarious when people mistake you for a Wiccan. I always want to know how these people never managed to learn that not all Witches are Wiccan.

What I find annoying though is how many Wiccans don’t realize that the threefold law isn’t even a universal thing in Wicca. Buckland effectively added it in, lifting the idea from the common Western misinterpretation of “Karma.” A lot of non-BTW Wiccans don’t believe in it.

I mean, I know that Wicca is a fluid, changing religion, but the whole point of understanding the larger picture (to me at least) is knowing that reality itself isn’t based on human concepts of morality. Wicca’s rule on how to live is a “Rede” for a reason. Rede means “advice.” A Wiccan does their best to harm none because it’s the right way to love, not because the universe will spank them.

Thank you for pointing that out. I always feel weird about bringing up that point because I don’t have the experience to back it up. 

I dunno… some people are new or just aren’t around when I post like… all the curses I’ve written. Also, amazingly like… a good chunk of the world has no idea who I am, so there’s that. 

It’s a shame that so many people have been brain washed to believe that the “Rule of 3″ is a universal “witch” thing that all witches follow. Just like the whole “all witches are wiccan and/or pagan” thing.

There’s only 1 thing all witches absolutely are. And that’s different from one another.

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Pop tea lights on your coffee warmer, leaving the wicks in & sprinkle herbs in them. (x)

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mythology meme:  [5/5] pairings

↳ apollo & hyacinthus

Hyacinthus was a young man and a lover of the god Apollo, but he was also favoured by the West Wind, Zephyrus. One day, while Apollo and Hyacinthus were throwing a discus around, the youth was hit and killed. Zephyrus was blamed for his death, as the West Wind was jealous because Hyacinthus seemed to like Apollo better. After Hyacinthus’s death, Apollo turned his spilled blood into a flower to stop his soul from descending into Hades.

Lethe Water


The River Lethe in Greek mythology is the river of forgetfulness, and one of the five rivers that runs through the land of Hades. Shades of the dead were required to drink from the River Lethe to forget their mortal lives.

Sometimes a spell just requires a little something to make people forget. Maybe you want a stalker to forget about you, or maybe you want that jackass roommate who keeps bringing loud people home to party at two in the morning when you’ve got work the next day to forget his house key. Or half a dozen other reasons why you’d need something embodying forgetfulness. I suppose you could even use it to ward against forgetfulness if you’re so inclined. So, this my my version of Lethe Water, I actually couldn’t find a different version anywhere, so I figured I’d share mine.

*Not recommended for ingestion*

  • Moss
  • Ivy
  • Chicken Bones (or another type of animal bone, can be scavenged or left overs from dinner, or purchased from an ethical supplier)
  • Everclear (or another clear alcohol, even rubbing alcohol would work)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How is any of that other than the booze associated with forgetfulness, Lizzie?” Let me explain! Let me explain, good people! And…questionable people ;) 

Moss. Moss is typically associated with profit and protection. Yeah, sure. But look at moss. It’s awesome at absorbing noise, which I tend to forget about things when they’re quiet. AND, it grows in places that are untouched, left alone….one might even say….FORGOTTEN!

Ivy. Okay, so another one with protection. But ivy (especially climbing ivy) clings to things. It doesn’t come off. This is to make the spell stick to someone, so it’s not going to wear off quick.

Bones. Bones are tied to divination and death. For me, this strongly ties it to the underworld, clearly indicating that this is supposed to be representative at least of the River Lethe.

So, you soak the moss, ivy, and bones in the everclear for three nights. The night before the new moon, the new moon, and the night after. Strain out the solid bits, store the Lethe Water in a dark bottle, and you’re good to go! 

Demon resources and information


This great tumblr is a resource for information of Goetic Daemons and other magical information. I highly suggest you go there and follow if you are not. All information is provided by Little Doom Witch, and from what I can see, they are always adding more.

Demons and Things


Other Pieces of the Lemegeton/Solomon’s Grimoire:

SECONDARY RESOURCES (Websites/Encyclopedias)

General Info:


Demon FAQ:

What is the Goetia

Etymology on “Demon”

Are Demons Dangerous

Why Not Angels?

Can Demons Be Worshiped

Satanism vs Luciferianism

Lilith is Not A Goddess (Within Abrahamic Constructs)

Do You Need to Follow an Abrahamic Religion?

What Are Demons?

Djinn Information

Are Demons Evil (based on Solomon’s teachings)

Demons vs Archdemons

Demonic Offerings

Contacting Demons:

LBRP and its Uses

Containing Demons

Seeing Demons

Uncalled for Demonic Appearances

Communication With Demons

Holy Water on Demons

Demonic Moral Dilemmas

Demons And:

Summoning Demons (Quick Rundown):

Old Mother Redcap's "A Terror In The Shadows" Nightmare Curse


This curse is designed to cause restless sleep, night terrors and insomnia.

Items needed:
- Chalkboard. If you don’t have a chalkboard, you can spray paint an old mirror with chalkboard spray paint, which you can buy from most craft stores.
- Different Coloured Chalk
- Photo of the target (optional)

You will also have a relativity good idea of their fears.

Sit down somewhere quiet with your chalkboard. If you are using a photo of the target, place it in the middle of the board with a bit of tac. If not, draw your target with your chalk in the centre. 

From one corner of the board, create one big spiral around the board turning clockwise, finishing at the targets forehead. 
On the lines of the spirals, draw whatever fears your target has.
For instance, if they have an instance fear of sharks, draw one focusing on the intensity and powerfulness of their jaws. If they have a fear of fire, draw the fire feeling the intensity of the flames through your fingers. etc.

Whilst drawing their fears throughout the lines of the spiral, visualise the target getting tormented in their sleep, waking up in cold sweats, not being able to get a good nights rest etc. Have this image clear in your mind, and concentrate on it.

Keep it somewhere safe. You can erase the previous nights work and create new “terrors” by simply wiping it away and starting again.

What Goes Around Comes Back Around Spell


Purpose: Sometimes, people come into our lives and cause problems, fill us with misery, and are just all-around negative people. This is a spell to make them stop — and, for those who follow the rule, this spell harms none.

Materials: A white candle; a handmirror; oil made of nettle leaves that have been steeped in olive oil for a week.

This spell should be done…: On a Monday.


Anoint the white candle and the back of the mirror with the nettle oil. Next, charge up the candle and mirror with positive light (the original spell says white light, but it can be any colour you’d like).

Cast a circle and call the quarters if desired. Ground and centre if needed.

Hold up the mirror, reflective side away from you. Shut your eyes and visualize the person sending that negative energy at you. See yourself holding up the mirror, and visualize the energy bouncing off the surface of the mirror. The energy suddenly turns to gray light. See it bounce back towards the person. When you feel ready, light the candle and chant the following as many times as you see fit:

“Fiendish storm unleashed my way,
Captured, bound, and held at bay.
Stripped of hatred, turned to gray
Reflected back unto its source
And bound about them to block the force.”

Let the candle burn out. Release the quarters and close the circle if desired.

Bury the burned-out candle and the mirror in the ground (preferably off your property). If you can’t bury them, take a bag of dirt taken from off your property and place them inside it. Shut it tight and keep it in a safe place.

Spell written by: Michael Furie
Spell found in: Llewellyn’s 2014 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac
Do not remove credit

Old Mother Redcap's "Phallus Breaker" Curse


Content Warning: rape
Trigger Warning: rape


This curse is designed for rapists and molesters.

Items needed:
- Ingredients for basic bread recipe (flour, yeast, salt, water etc)
- 2 tablespoons charcoal
- 5 extra tablespoons salt
- Good splash vinegar
- 1 egg
- Brush
- Knife
- String
- Bird seeds

Combine all of your ingredients into a basic recipe for bread. The bread is going to be formed into a phallus shape, so you may want to cut a basic recipe for a loaf of bread by half.
Whilst your kneading your dough, add in the extra salt, charcoal and vinegar. Now is the time to get angry. You will work out all of your anger and frustrations toward to the rapist/molester into the dough. Mutter your curses. 

When the dough is ready, form it into a phallic shape. Use your knife to carve in the targets name down the length of the bread. Bake it.

When the bread is ready and cooled, brush all over with an egg wash and dump the bird seeds on it, making sure they are nice and stuck. You might want to leave it to dry for a little while.
When ready, tie a string around the base of the phallus, and hang it up in a tree, spitting on it as you do so - you want to hang it up somewhere where you can see it getting pecked at by wild birds.

When the phallus has been nice and demolished, break up any remaining pieces, and bury them far away from your property. 

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Quick and dirty candle infographic for the most common uses of different coloured candles. There are more, of course, but here are the basics.


*calls loki an asshole while lighting my candles and incense*
*immediately burns self with lighter by accident*
thanks. thank you. thanks

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breathe deeply; A sigil for grounding, reducing anxiety, for the moments where you feel overwhelmed 

drink water; A sigil for self care & self love, for days where you’re low on spoons & need help 

you are real/you are safe; A sigil for dissociation, for derealization & depersonalization

monster; A sigil for self love, reclaiming monstrosity & reshaping it to protect yourself

clarify, purge, restore; A sigil for cleansing, for ridding negative energy and restore balance / positivity

wardship; A sigil for protection, for keeping the unwanted out, for creating a impenetrable safe space

[Dionysus] himself is unimaginable without his followers but does not resemble them. He is seldom drunk, seldom mad, never sexually aroused. The relationship with Ariadne, often depicted, is dignified and restrained. Even in grim situations he retains a smiling tranquility which comes suddenly to seem sinister. (Was he a model for Plato’s portrayal of Socrates?) The calmness of the god of madness is a characteristic Dionysian paradox. His followers surrender their individuality in the collective excitement. But they do not achieve union with the source of that excitement, however close they may seem to approach. Dionysus eludes them, and retains his enigmatic smile.
— Polytheism and Society at Athens, by Robert Parker (via mirroir)

What to do if witchcraft suddenly gets way too intense



► DO NOT walk away from an uncompleted ritual

► DO NOT walk away in the middle of a spell

Grab your notes and close everything down. Dismiss any spirits or entities you are working with. Close down the circle. End the ritual. Diffuse the energy of the spell and close it down. If you were enchanting an item, announce over it that it is closed and nothing more may come in or out.

Spells and rituals are little portals of power; if you leave one open without closing it, all sorts of things could get screwy and come through.

2. End any spooky/witchy atmosphere immediately.

  • Blow out all the candles.
  • Put out all the incense.
  • Turn on all the lights.
  • Turn off spooky chanting music. Turn on some happy music or better yet, a non-supernatural television show or movie you love.
  • If you were enchanting an item, immediately put it in salt.

3. Don’t destroy the items/notes you will need later.

Trust me, do not throw away the spell you wrote or the objects you were working on. If things go wrong in the future you will need these to fix the problem.

► Immediately write down exactly what happened. Write down every deviation from the spell that you did. Write down exactly what you said and saw during any visualizations. Write down exactly when things started to get freaky.

► If you were enchanting an item, keep it in a black bag filled with salt until you are ready to deal with it.

4. Cleanse.

Use an energy cannonball to purify the space you were working in. Burn rosemary and bay leaves to fumigate the area, or spritz a premade water solution if you can’t have smoke. Pay special attention to all ritual tools.

If you feel the need to, cleanse yourself by visualizing the power of the smoke enveloping you and driving away any bad vibes; or take a shower if you really feel something has gone wrong.

5. Get out of the area you were working in.

Go to another room. Leave the house if possible. Seek the company of others or turn on the television if you are alone.

6. Do mundane things for a while.

Eat a nice meal. Drink a big glass of water. Go for a jog. Do some chores. Put anything magical totally out of your head. Absolutely do not focus on how weird things just got.

7. When you are ready, return to the area you were working in.

Relax yourself and judge the energies within the room. Are things still ‘creepy’? A heavy-duty cleansing is in order. Do you feel as if someone else is there? Open a window and command it to leave - if it does not, more fumigation or a banishing is required.

Judge your ritual tools and determine if they will need additional cleansing. If you were working on an object, determine if it has been corrupted or if anything is wrong with it. If so, put it back in the salt and deal with it as soon as you can.

8. Take a break from witchcraft for a couple of days.

9. Figure out what went wrong.

Fear is never a good thing. There is a difference between embracing the darkness and being afraid.

► Fear can be caused if an entity showed up you were unprepared to deal with.

► Fear can be caused if your intuition (or perhaps a spirit ally) was warning you that what you were about to do was a really bad idea.

► Fear can be caused if you tap in to powers that overwhelm you.

You need to figure out what went wrong. It isn’t a situation where you can say “oh well” and try something else later - because you screwed up, and next time you may not get an adequate warning before things go to hell.

5520 7b11



Ancient Alphabets.

Thedan Script - used extensively by Gardnerian Witches
Runic Alphabets - they served for divinatory and ritual purposes, as well as the more practical use; there are three main types of Runes; Germanic, Scandinavian/Norse, and Anglo-Saxon and they each have any number of variations, depending on the region from which they originate 
Celtic and Pictish - early Celts and their priests, the Druids, had their own form of alphabet known as “Ogam Bethluisnion”, which was an extremely simple alphabet used more for carving into wood and stone, than for general writing, while Pictish artwork was later adopted by the Celts, especially throughout Ireland
Ceremonial Magick Alphabets - ”Passing the River”, ”Malachim” and ”Celestial” alphabets were used almost exclusively by ceremonial magicians

Reblogging for future reference, I love learning how to write in these alphabets.

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